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Shannyn & Ben, wedding in Tuscany, Italy

Sometimes you feel greatful, for what you have seen and experienced. Thanks to the wonderful couple of Shannyn & Ben and also of their party of friends, I had the opportunity to make a one of a kind trip which I always will cherish! Traveled with my very good friend Thanasis Kaiafas , one of the top photographers in his kind with many more to give and always surprises me with his creativity !

Our beautiful couple made us immediately part of their wedding, we all felt the same! It’s the feeling that makes you forget everything that disrupts you, like the  long trip ( 2 planes, 3 hours continuous triving  with no sleep ….) We really felt into the wedding and helped us to see what’s is behind the ceremony and the reception, it’s the friendship, family,  kindness and lots of others unique feelings.

Tuscany, you always will be beautifully and stylish, and always be one of my top destinations!!